CoolBag started it’s humble beginnings back in 2018, with Riana’s background in fashion design and Stephan being a Professional Hunter and outdoor enthusiast. It was only a matter of time before this power house couple set out and designed the ultimate in luxury but still rugged CoolBag. Designed to not only work perfectly in keeping your food and drinks cold, but looking beautiful doing it.

Made from strong and durable material with 12mm thick insulation our Coolbag can keep ice for up to 24 Hours, and by this keeping everything in it cold.

What started as a pet project quickly escalated into a full range of highly desirable:

  • Wine coolers “The Moremi” 
  • Coolbags “The Safari” 
  • Coolbox bags “Savuti” 
  • Our Legendary Fish Bags “The Bag that started it all” 
  • And custom made to order bags (for the customer that needs a little something extra from his OR her Coolbag)


With our bags being so “sexy”, if we do say so ourselves, it was only a short hop into our “Coolbag For Her” handbag range!